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Issue: May Newsletter
Valete Caroline

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
As you will read in her own article in this newsletter, Caroline Carey is leaving her position of being faculty for the School of Movement Medicine to continue following the evolution of her own path and work. She will, naturally, continue to be part of the Movement Medicine community as a Movement Medicine teacher and dancer.

We met Caroline many years ago when were in the 5 Rhythms world. Since then we’ve had a rich journey together. Caroline organised for us and hosted us in her home in Ireland. Caroline and I (Susannah) went riding together, sharing women’s stories and our love for the equine heart. She went on to train with Gabrielle Roth, and taught a 5 Rhythms class in Cork, showing up week after week with a 2-hour car journey each way. We mention this to honour Caroline’s fierce commitment to whatever she sets out to do, and the strength of her dedication to those who dance with her and to making her offering.

When we shifted into Movement Medicine, Caroline became one of the three pathfinders, who, along with Mark Boylan and Christian de Sousa, helped us to figure out lots to do with the Movement Medicine path. As Faculty of the School she has brought her own unique vibration of Movement Medicine to many places and people. Caroline has worked as a coach and mentor for the School of Movement Medicine, bringing her supportive sensitivity and wisdom to this work, and we’re sure the people with whom she worked will carry her wisdom with them always.

We have many wonderful memories of our journey as Caroline’s teachers. I (Susannah) remember a time very early on when we danced together to the Joan Osborne song “What if God was One of Us?” in the cavernous old drama studio at KEVICS. Whirling round and around each other, the background became a blur as we dropped into a deep soul meeting and seeing of each other. That was a special moment. I (Ya’Acov) remember walking with Caroline through the streets of Dublin many years ago talking about her having an important role to play in our School. We are happy that this became so. Last year, during the last ceremony of the Phoenix Retreat, one of the participants needed a bit of support, and as I (Susannah) attended to her, Caroline came to support, and I was able to witness the warmth, skill and finesse of her medicine close up; so beautiful.

Thank you Caroline, for the whole journey and for all the roles you have played in helping establish the vibration of Movement Medicine in the world. The aim of Movement Medicine is supporting each of us to grow into the embodiment of our own soul. We have seen and felt the shift in you and this change feels natural and right to us as you follow your destiny, your growth and your soul’s path.

We wish you all blessings and success in this new era of your work and we are sure that it will be a source of inspiration for many.

With love,

Susannah and Ya’Acov

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