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Issue: May Newsletter
Music Medicine News and Celebrations

By Susannah
This is a short article to share some news and information with you regarding Ya'Acov's book and our Music Medicine shop and what is on offer. We are proud of our fine selection of music and books, featuring various wonderful artists and sharing their gifts and talents more widely.

I am so excited about the coming out of Ya’Acov’s new book; Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart. It’s a deep, transparent, honest and luminous account of Ya'Acov's journey as a human being and as a shaman. To tell this kind of story in a way that honours the magic AND stays grounded and real is not an easy thing to do, and he's done it. I guess it'll be one of those books that you can't put down and don't ever want to end. I’m one proud wife.

I sense that this book is not only going to touch many people deeply, but also contribute to the ongoing conversation around the role of shamanism in the modern world.

Right now Ya’Acov is recording it as an audio book, which I’m really happy about. Whenever he has read sections of the book to our friends, or me, as he’s been going through the process of writing, we’ve curled up like children around the fire to be carried into the mystery and the heart of these deep and real stories. So, this is magic to come!

It’d be most helpful for us and Movement Medicine if you could order your copy not from us, but pre-order it from Amazon in order to help it enter mainstream consciousness by getting it in the charts. Our purpose in this is to have maximum positive impact for the good of the whole and we’re wanting to do our bit to take out the sham from shamanism. Keep it real! Keep your eyes out here for the launch page that will be available soon which will offer exclusive content from Ya’Acov (a three part mini-course on shamanic drumming, discounts on our upcoming online course starting in the early Autumn, discounts on our upcoming journey to the Amazon rainforest worth $500 and much more).

In the meantime, we have another new book to proudly celebrate: Wild Power. Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Wurlitzer have written a powerfully helpful and wise book about the dynamic cyclical energetics of women’s menstrual cycles. We totally recommend it, and it’s in the shop now. Sjanie is a Movement Medicine teacher (from the first Apprenticeship). Congratulations Sjanie and Alexandra.

Lua Maria’s Wild White Horses is back in stock, and Ayla’s exquisite Dive into Water is out. They are both available as MP3s and as CDs.

And we want to celebrate that the Music Medicine shop raised £573.69 last year for the Pachamama Alliance from our online sales. A big thank-you to all the shoppers, and to all the artists who have generously donated their music to the Music For Life collection.

Latest news and information available on our new Music Medicine FB page. We’d be really grateful if you could click like on it and help us get our music and message out to a wider range of people, THANK YOU!

And we’ve re-done our Music for Life MP3 albums to make them more user friendly and added a few new tracks. You can now buy an album of funky, upbeat dance music (Music for Life Album 1) an album of beautiful songs (Music for Life Album 2) and an album of deep stillness music (Music for Life Album 3) all of which are sold 100% in aid of the Pachamama Alliance. 

If you have already bought Music for Life albums, please note that some of the some tracks you've already bought may be in the new album. So check carefully! You can also buy all the tracks as single MP3s. Thank you and enjoy!

Wishing you all a great next month in these wild and whacky times, times to be awake, aware and switched on to the joy stream and the love stream!


Susannah Darling Khan

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