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Issue: May Newsletter
On Reading Susannah’s Piece Journey in Africa: Episode 2

By Deveshni Nadu
When you posted this piece, it popped up on my feed and I froze! I was terrified to read it! My thoughts were: here we go again – another white person's rhetoric on their visit and impact on Africa! Today, the article popped up again ... I breathe in deeply and cautiously started reading … thinking any triggers and I'm out of here!

I want to say THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for seeing, for feeling, for being true, for being real … you have no idea how much of emotion moves through my body by ready your words!

The issue of diversity in our lives and in our dance spaces here, has often left me frustrated and angry. Dance heals. We all know that and yet this medicine in the form of Movement Medicine was just not available to all. So much gratitude for you and all who have been inspirational in truly doing the work to integrate Movement Medicine into African hearts and soil. My heart sings for Bunie, may she be blessed to take this magical muti into the hearts of our communities.

And I agree with Malidoma Some, I have often felt that too. I've spent so much of time researching our time lines to try to pick up exactly when the disconnection happened so that I could understand that pain, so that I could open my heart even though it is so hard for them to do that for themselves. Needless to say there are so many times in our history and a few stand out. We are all in this together. I wish I could be like the Zimbabwean man you spoke to on the plane. I'm not there yet. We have a unified voice against corruption and our President but there are many deeper issues that have not been dealt with. May we all find our way to Ubuntu ... so much xx

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