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Issue: May Newsletter
Now is the Time to Leap

By Caroline Carey
Dear Movement Medicine dancers, friends and colleagues, I want to share with you a part of my journey that is moving on, in its ever-expanding growth. As we dance consciously, it is inevitable that we change as we step more and more fully into our own purpose. I have a deep desire always to step into mine and support others to find theirs.

Everyone’s path with this is unique. Where mine has led me to is this moment of letting go and growing my own individual work. This is the path of my soul retrieval. May we all find our way to embody our souls return at its fullest.

My dark angel sits in the children’s grove,

my heartbeats and the waters of the river flow from my eyes,

my promise to her is to take her essence fully into the world,

my claws and my new found wings,

jumping off their pedestal into the dark night,

now is the time to leap!

This is part of a poem I wrote some moons ago, recognizing a level of work that was flowing through me, and it connects me strongly to this time, a time where it has come for me to engage more fully in my own body of work and to begin whole-heartedly offering what I love to do the most, which is still (as is Movement Medicine, of course) the dance, creativity and healing, all strongly rooted in the shamanic world. I am now ready to step away from my position as one of the MM school faculty and become the holder of my own body of work. My offering of the Mandorla process, the Hollow Bone path and the Oracle modules all complement and create ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways’ with its workshops, intensives, online courses and eventually its own apprenticeship. As I am sure you can see there is a lot to give focus to as it begins to weave its own program of medicine and offerings. I must give my fullest attention to its growth. It feels like a new baby at the moment and I am treating it with the gentleness and encouragement that it deserves, with its own particular soul’s journey.

I believe that much has grown with me through my life-time of shamanic experiences and trainings, my journey with my particular wounds, my growth as a 5 Rhythms teacher and of course in my deep devotion to Movement Medicine. I have loved working with and alongside Ya’Acov and Susannah, who have been wonderful teachers for me, and with Roland who has always given me a huge amount of encouragement and some of the more tricky (for me) tools of how to be a good administrator and organizer. We are all on the path of learning how to be dancing warriors and of healing our culture’s wounds and I feel deep gratitude for all that I have received on this path.

So as I step away from faculty, I take an enormous amount of precious experience, tools, understanding and deep medicine into this next part of my journey.

I still feel very much part of our community. I feel love for my friends, my peers and all whom I have danced with along the way. Thank you all so much, for witnessing me and walking by my side. I really hope to see you on a dance floor somewhere, some time. I welcome you to write if you wish to and stay in touch, have the occasional conversation, give a wave or just a smile from the other side of the dance floor. You are in my heart wherever we are in life. And whatever the relationship has been between us, it is a privilege to know you.

I will complete this process by offering the Journey of Empowerment for the School in Switzerland and I offer The Oracle of Medicine in Prague as a school workshop in August. Both can be seen on my own website and the website of the school.

With love and gratitude for my long history with Susannah, Ya'Acov and the School of Movement Medicine.

Caroline Carey

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