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Issue: May Newsletter
Personal Resources and Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops

By Hanna
Welcome to yet another Movement Medicine newsletter with plentiful as well as beautiful contributions to inspire and to engage with, and with more stories and ripples of Movement Medicine journeying and weaving through some communities in Africa and Israel. Stories of vulnerable, joyful and celebrative dances shared and valuable connections made.

And I am grateful that I too was offered the opportunity to bring my dance and my part into this weaving of dreams, connections and stories, while assisting during Susannah's workshop in Cape Town, The Power of the Heart. A dearly treasured experience.

Now we have almost reached the middle of this year as the seasons have changed yet again. And as I reflect I am acknowledging of and grateful for the experience of growth, expansion, grounding and uncovering that this year has already brought for me.

In order to remain centred, present and connected while walking through and in these times of challenge, shift, transformation and healing, some gems have been really helpful for me: It is for example the heartfelt and nurturing connections to close friends and the sense of being fully seen and recognized. It is also the firm connection with and nurturing of my own centre-line, running up and down along my spine and beyond, connecting me to Earth and to Source on both 'ends'. It is the moving and being present with this deep, calm space of my own heart and soul – that which just is, inside. It is dance and/or the 'hanging out' in my body consciously.
And of course, what also keeps me 'sane', grounded and centred is the frequent connection and time spent in nature! This is the place where I am always welcome, always seen and always reminded of who I am, with no exception. And to these almost daily nature-hang-outs I have also added a prayer-song (of healing, of peace, of light, of support ...) that has come to me over the last few weeks and that I have been singing by the sea almost every day.

What ever personal season you are experiencing in your life, or which ever personal shifts and challenges or new openings and transformations are moving through your experience at the moment, take good care of yourself, of your body and your heart. The gentle nurturing and caring for the self I find an empowering 'thing' to have access to, especially if much is moving about … and maybe one of the following dance workshops is exactly what your system and your body is calling for, have a look:

May 10–14: Sanctuary with Susannah. Frankfurt, Germany. (A women's residential intensive). With Move! Evening on May 14.
A beautiful opportunity for women to reconnect with themselves and their own way of being a woman, in the
safe company of other women, through the powerful medium of Movement Medicine and through voice and ceremony.
Contact Katrin Kohlbecher: +49-163-3152714;

May 12–14: Dance Medicine with Christian de Sousa. London, UK.
Dance has always been an integral part of human history and expression and a tool for connection with self, with others and with spirit. This weekend will open some doors to the foundations of Movement Medicine in dance and in community, held in a safe space of presence and compassion.
Margarita Videnskyte: 07745595361;

May 15–21: Phoenix Retreat with Ya'Acov. Rill Estate, Devon, UK.
This intensive opens a space for a new and raw connection with essential parts of yourself, some of which so far may have been hidden behind 'understudies' – voices and parts that take over certain areas in our psyche, being, action and life. This workshop is also one of the stepping stones towards and apprenticeship with Movement Medicine.
Contact Roland: Roland Wilkinson +44 1803 762255;

May 19–21: Out of Ashes with Rosie Perks. Cork, Ireland.
How much we love becomes visible when we grieve what we have lost. This link between the grief of loss and the power of love are part of this
safe exploration of Movement Medicine, where participants are invited to journey with their very personal relationship to loss and grief and the love it emerges from.
Contact Eliixxchel: 086 3350801;

June 7: Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World – talk, shamanic journey and launch of Ya’Acov’s new book.
This event includes a reading from Ya'Acov's new book, a talk, a music led shamanic journey, and a book-signing.
Contact: 020 7287 6711;

June 14–18: The Shaman's Door with Ya'Acov. Warsaw, Poland.
This weekend has the participant discover more of who they are and what the personal medicines are from the past. It invites to connect with that unique individual soul-energy that we carry, and engages the dancer with what is really and truly close to the heart and therefore a part of a future vision to go for.
Contact Olga Mieszczanek: +48 509 774 884;

June 20: Bringing the Dance Back Home. Webinar, online.
This webinar offers you the music, space and guidance to discover and strengthen your personal dance practice at home (or wherever you are). Experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room, invite friends to join in, and feel connected as the wider Movement Medicine community is joining in.
Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

June 24–25: Resource with David Mooney. Antwerp, Belgium.
Awakening the Dancer on June 23.
However fast the word or the outside may be changing and moving, there is this great Resource we hold inside, which can keep us connected to our inner wisdom, intuition and to the deep knowledge of our heart and soul. This weekend is an invitation for the dancers to strengthen and widen this inner ground of centre and stability.
Luc: + 32 613 299 20;

June 3–6 July: The Summer Long Dance. Somerset, UK.
large and annual community gathering of the School of Movement Medicine is the offering of a rich and long lasting ceremony to honour and praise life on earth and all our relations in this. It is a powerful healing and trans-formative experience in which the interconnectedness of all life and all beings, including all the dancers is felt, expressed and celebrated.
Contact Roland:

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