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Personal Resources and Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Welcome to yet another Movement Medicine newsletter with plentiful as well as beautiful contributions to inspire and to engage with, and with more stories and ripples of Movement Medicine journeying and weaving through some communities in Africa and Israel. Stories of vulnerable, joyful and celebrative dances shared and valuable connections made. more>
Itís Been a Long Time Coming ...
By Ya'Acov
Israel and Palestine
Iíve been working in Israel and Palestine the last week for the first time after a break of four or five years. Itís been a very moving time, working with a group of men from the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem and then with a group in the North of Israel. On a personal level, I have never found this an easy place to visit but I am told by my guiding spirits that I must keep coming here to make these offerings. more>
Music Medicine News and Celebrations
By Susannah
This is a short article to share some news and information with you regarding Ya'Acov's book and our Music Medicine shop and what is on offer. We are proud of our fine selection of music and books, featuring various wonderful artists and sharing their gifts and talents more widely. more>
My 2017 Movement Medicine Journey in Africa: Episode 2 Ė Thoughts, Reflections and Feelings
By Susannah
The last South African leg of my African journey has left me touched, disturbed, grateful and thoughtful. South Africa and Mandelaís 'rainbow nation' is in a hot and troubled place right now. The systems of government are struggling and corruption is acknowledged to be widespread. Violent student protests have closed universities. The country is not happy. more>
On Reading Susannahís Piece Journey in Africa: Episode 2
By Deveshni Nadu
When you posted this piece, it popped up on my feed and I froze! I was terrified to read it! My thoughts were: here we go again Ė another white person's rhetoric on their visit and impact on Africa! Today, the article popped up again ... I breathe in deeply and cautiously started reading Ö thinking any triggers and I'm out of here! more>
Seeds Planted During the Arc of Time in a Learning Village in Zimbabwe
By Maaianne Knuth
I write this piece from Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe. Kufunda is a learning village dedicated to finding our way into what it takes to create healthy vibrant community, and to share that with others in Zimbabwe and beyond. I am also an Apprentice Movement Medicine teacher. I had invited Susannah Darling Khan to come to Zimbabwe to offer a Movement Medicine Workshop. more>
Arcs of Time, Space and Connection
By Ben Clark
It was for me a very special experience to be assisting on the Arc of Time workshop at Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe in March 2017. I had already been there for ten days before the workshop as I was teaching at the Kufunda village Waldorf-inspired school. more>
Interview with Rosie Perks

This is the second of a series of interviews with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who play an important part in the School through their teaching and coaching and their support. Enjoy, as you are finding out just a little more about them and their relationship to dance, embodiment and Movement Medicine. Questions by Hanna and Patricia. more>
Now is the Time to Leap
By Caroline Carey
Dear Movement Medicine dancers, friends and colleagues, I want to share with you a part of my journey that is moving on, in its ever-expanding growth. As we dance consciously, it is inevitable that we change as we step more and more fully into our own purpose. I have a deep desire always to step into mine and support others to find theirs. more>
Valete Caroline
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
As you will read in her own article in this newsletter, Caroline Carey is leaving her position of being faculty for the School of Movement Medicine to continue following the evolution of her own path and work. She will, naturally, continue to be part of the Movement Medicine community as a Movement Medicine teacher and dancer. more>
Celebrating a New Beginning and the End of an Era
By Susannah
I want to share some celebrations with you. David Rose and I have just completed the first side-by-side electives at Rill. These are part of the new format of a more flexible and personalised Apprenticeship Programme. The electives are open to anyone who is an Apprentice or who has completed an Apprenticeship in the past. They are designed as part of a rolling programme of deep work that is open to those who have committed to this level of work with Movement Medicine and us. more>
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