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Issue: March Newsletter
Expanding Our Web of Connection for Our Dreams of the Future

By Hanna
Greetings to the Movement Medicine community and friends! This newsletter tells of the expansion of the medicine of movement and the medicine of heartfelt connection in the United States and in Africa. It also tells of the power of vision, co-creation and dreaming through this shamanic dance-practice, of a vision of a future I dare say most (or all) of our community is dreaming of:

A future of equality, of love, and of dance as part of life once again, and a vision of a way of living that honours and nurtures all our relations: the one with our selves, the one with our loved ones, the ones with strangers and the ones with our planet and all beings, seen or unseen.

This newsletter also launches a series of interviews with the faculty teachers of the school, who are another resource of strong connection, support and of the offering of this very valuable dance practice into our current times of challenges and much disconnection.

Again and again I am filled with hope for this dream to 'land' more and more. And again and again this hope is kindled also through my threads and connections with Movement Medicine – its supportive community as well as its wide and comprehensive potentials of deep healing and transformation. It is also kindled by all the many amazing movements around the world that support and bring forth the manifestation of this dream, in their manifold ways; and some of my tribe here has only days ago finished a long lasting sun- 'dance to heal the world'. I sometimes cannot help feeling that the beautiful dream shared in Kristin's article can possibly be where we are heading to …

And other times I really do not know why there is this hope in my heart ... when looking at all these big challenges and blunt insanity around the world (particularly on political and economic levels). There is a dance happening inside of me, a dance between anxiety, cynicism, discouragement and this heart-knowing hope that we are enough people on this planet today who are powerfully dreaming the dream of a future of connection, love and compassion amongst and around us. And the beautiful phenomenon is that when times get more dire and disaster is threatening our world, people come together in one cause: to support each other and to stand together for what our hearts are truly beating for.
Lets keep praying, dancing and connecting.

Living in South Africa (which is my base at the moment), the question of 'racial integration' is present. It can sometimes be overwhelming and disheartening. However, everyday people here are doing the steps they can. Shifts are happening and becoming visible in various parts of the country. And only days ago my heart bounced with joy when seeing a young school class with children of different skin colours and origin enjoying a day by the beach, and when seeing all of them playing joyfully and carefree in the waves together! Maybe a small image of hope, but for me a strong one nevertheless, as it is the manifestation of a small part of a big dream we are dreaming, weaving, nurturing and sharing. It is an image that has been unimaginable here not too long ago.

A week ago our MM community in Cape Town was happy to welcome Susannah for a weekend workshop of dance and connection and celebrate her last dance of this Africa-tour with her. I still feel touched and nurtured by this shared experience. It immediately and tangibly brought more ground, depth, connection and confidence into our circle of dancers, as well as into our circle of local MM teachers and apprentices present. What valuable gift it was having the opportunity to re-strengthen our important and loving connection to the UK- MM-threads and resources.

After the Saturday session Susannah and the local MM teachers and apprentices (eight of us present, but 14 altogether) stayed for a sharing-circle in which we acknowledged each other, our connection, our challenges here, as well as our joy of MM having found sound roots in this country, since Jayne initiated the seeding of a MM community in Cape Town 10 years ago. And MM teachers and facilitators here are continuing to water these roots and to weave their dance (-offerings) into personal connections and dance spaces. The web strengthens and widens.

One of the much appreciated gifts gathered through my own practice and engagement with Movement Medicine is the lived and embodied as well as always nurtured jewel of connection; this importance to strengthen the existing and weaving of new threads between people and hearts, between spirit and between times, dimensions and dreams etc. I have come to understand that a healthy and strong web of connection, of community, of support and of seeing and knowing each other and each others dreams and visions and hearts makes all the difference. It creates a fabric that appears as a strong and colourful tapestry of empowered individual as well as collective expression, vision and co-creation. The more we nurture them, the more powerful and embodied (real, tangible) they become, and the more our shared dreams are brought forward into a lived reality.

And, as you will read here, throughout Africa, America and other places of this world more and more connections are being made, more and more threads are woven into this powerful collective rising of a healthy and loving way of being with ourselves, with each other and with Earth and Spirit. More and more dreams are taking shape of a collective embodying of the paths of love and compassion instead of fear and disconnection.

I wish to believe that together we can
Let us carry on supporting each other
to heal and to love ourselves well, to blossom fully into all that we came to be; and let us support each other to heal this earth and harmonize and celebrate all the relations and webs that connect and sustain us all.

If you feel called to bring your dance, your presence, your heart and your light into the ceremony of Life, of Dance, of Connection and of Prayer of the Movement Medicine community, have a look at the Summer Long Dance, maybe this is how you will thread your personal connection into the wider webs of transformation and healing.

Be blessed in your dance, in your walk, in your dreaming and your connecting.


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