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Issue: March Newsletter
Children of the Future

By Kristin
I have been journeying into the future in my dance a few times in the context of the Movement Medicine workshops and training. The place I travel to looks similar every time. I am landing in a big tree, the bird of time lets me climb down into the branches. Many children wait for me at the bottom of a huge old tree. Their joy and their enthusiasm sound like a whole orchestra playing a wonderful symphony.

The children surround me, their laughter is like water for my exhausted heart. They take me for a stroll through their community. I see abundant gardens, and many tomato plants, I hear the birds' song and smell herbs and flowers. The children show me how they have managed the water in their gardens and how the fish live in little ponds. They let me pick some fruit off the trees, I see orchards full with fruit trees. The children offer me to drink from a well and we sit in the shadow under tall trees, listening to a stream and the wind playing in the branches.

The children observe me with great care, it is as if they want to read in my face like in an old book. Their attention brings love to my heart and also the feeling of an ancient sadness, of too much struggle and worry and fear. They wash my face with their little soft hands and smile. They tell me how grateful they are that I have come to visit as I am their ancestor from far back.

After a little pause they take me to a part of the village where they have built a wooden platform, a dance floor in the midst of bushes and plants. They roll and dance around, the children joining with some adults. They tell me that dance is their daily practice to stay in their bodies and process their emotions. They know it is something their ancestors have done too. I dance with the children on the wooden floor as my tears finally pour out from my eyes and my heart.

This is the home I have always dreamt of. The children all have different skin colours, all beautiful brown mixed with red, yellow, black and white. They tell me that they have heard of a time that skin colour was an issue and that they cannot believe how people have lived like that, dividing each other by the colour of their skin. They are looking at me in wonder like they are telling me a crazy story from ancient times.

After the dance we run down a steep path and they children scream with joy as we run as fast as we can. They show me the hidden place of their great-grandmother, she is sitting quietly under a tree, smiling at me as if she was expecting me. She tells me that she knew me when she was a small child and that she has kept her memories of me in her heart to this day.

The children have big eyes and watch us, as I sink into a warm embrace of this old lady. Her smile and her compassion is like a soft blanket. I feel that all my efforts are received and my struggle was worth it. She tells me how she has witnessed me standing up against injustice when people where judging a person with different skin colour. In countless moments she saw me standing tall at the side of my partner and our son, saying 'yes' to diversity and equality. She whispers to me: “I saw it back then, this has not been easy for you. You have been hurt many times by people's ignorance, by the glass ceiling everywhere and by the denial of racism that has been going on back in the old days, back in your presence where you still live.“

In her arms I remember I am on a trip into the future and she reminds me I must go back. She holds me close: “Never give up“, she whispers, “dream for a better world, dream for the rainbow nation that we once will become. Look what we have manifested with help of many ancestors and you are one of them.“ In her embrace there is the love of a lioness, the roar of a strong, wise woman. “I am with you always“, she whispers, “waving at you from the future. Remember us, there is a future possible – you are dreaming of it.“

The children all smile at me, they touch me with their soft hands, they say 'thank you'. We run up the hill as the bird of time calls me back and the children share their gratitude and aliveness with me, hug me at the tree and wish me the very best. As I fly away with the bird I hear them singing in the forest. I still feel the soft touch of their hands on me and their encouragement.

With special thanks to Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan and to Christian de Sousa who keep guiding me deeper towards my own purpose, my dreams and visions of a possible future for a rainbow nation of this earth.

Kristin Glenewinkel, qualified Movement Medicine teacher

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