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Expanding Our Web of Connection for Our Dreams of the Future
By Hanna
Greetings to the Movement Medicine community and friends! This newsletter tells of the expansion of the medicine of movement and the medicine of heartfelt connection in the United States and in Africa. It also tells of the power of vision, co-creation and dreaming through this shamanic dance-practice, of a vision of a future I dare say most (or all) of our community is dreaming of: more>
Time to Dance, to Pray and to Remember Who We Are
By Ya'Acov
Iíve spent the last month travelling in the USA, teaching workshops along the way and meeting a wide variety of super interesting and creative people. Itís been an unusual month for me. A kind of pilgrimage and journey back into my past. And a month without my beloved who has been travelling in Africa. more>
Back to Africa: Part 1
By Susannah
When I was 7 and my parents took our family back to England from Kenya, I felt torn up by my roots. Now, I respect their reasons for bringing us all back to the UK, but then, at the age of 7, I was furious. I promised myself that I would never go back to Kenya as a tourist, but would only go 'home' when I had something meaningful to share. more>
Interview with David Mooney
This is the first of a series of interviews with the faculty teachers of the School of Movement Medicine, who play an important part in the School through their teaching and coaching and their support. Enjoy, as you are finding out just a little more about them and their relationship to dance, embodiment and Movement Medicine.
Questions by Hanna and Patricia. more>
Children of the Future
By Kristin
I have been journeying into the future in my dance a few times in the context of the Movement Medicine workshops and training. The place I travel to looks similar every time. I am landing in a big tree, the bird of time lets me climb down into the branches. Many children wait for me at the bottom of a huge old tree. Their joy and their enthusiasm sound like a whole orchestra playing a wonderful symphony. more>
Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
On these dance floors you are able to connect with a moving intelligence of life inside your body, which supports you to access and remember more of the being that you came here to be and to express. Dare to dance. Dare to feel. Dare to move what you encounter inside yourself. Nothing to loose but much and more to gain ... more>
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