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Issue: February Newsletter
Seeds of Hope, Shared Dreams and Courageous Ventures into Healing

By Hanna
Hello to all of you! Wow, this newsletter is shining and overflowing with such alive, powerful and touching articles (I got goosebumps one or twice!). Contributions that fuel this ever-growing hope in my heart and cells, for real change and real living in a truthful, connected, compassionate and respectful way with each other, Mother Earth, and all that holds and sustains us.

To me it almost seems as if these articles had been woven together, even before they were written and reached me for editing. To me it appears, they all emerged from a somewhat similar overall 'feeling'/ energy behind the words that formed the articles.

All of them speak directly from the heart – so open, so real. Maybe this seems a given in a Movement Medicine context. Yet, I still don't take it as given that such deep expression of heart landscape can be shared with such a wide audience. In this depth of feeling and sharing, there is one string that seems to hold the articles together. It is this core- and heart-felt desire, hope and action for change and for real healing (of personal and collective wounds, of Mother Earth and the natural worlds), and it is also the shared bravery to fully step into ones very own Light – as one of the inevitable steps of healing, change, expansion and growth.

As some of the articles touch on, yes, present times are still challenging on many levels of our existence here, in this visible world. And the changing political direction in the USA seems to only emphasize exactly that.

A part of me feels fear and anger, while another part of me wants to applaud these most recent political shifts, as they highlight so strongly and openly this insane path of blindness, exploitation, and separation – inherent in our global systems of power and control. It appears to have triggered such powerful, heartfelt, and daring responses. Maybe it had to become this scary and obvious – for more and more people to recognize very clearly some of the politically and economically birthed insanity and destruction; for more and more to wake up into the personal and collective powers of dreaming and creating ever growing spaces and projects for positive change and healing all over the world.

The naked madness of the status quo calls us on a personal level of justice, common heart-sense, and our existential Love for Life, to cry out in protest, oh so loud and powerfully, all over the world!

So many of us, having been witnessing this destructive madness playing out, have had enough! Anger, this expression and emotion about something that threatens that which is closest to my heart, holds such immense power! (It makes me think of a particular MM experience with Susannah three years ago – discovering and embodying the element of fire, and the spirit of the Jaguar – for me personally it is a powerful Lioness, who strongly stands up for what she loves most and what she knows sustains her tribe ;-).

In all this, I truly am sensing such wide reaching, touching and powerful shifts, into the direction of positive change and personal and collective healing. Shifts towards a new era of Heart, Connection, Love, Truth and spiritual expansion. One of these examples you find in Christine's article below. This is the one where goosebumps covered my arms. To me, it really is a story of 'The New' manifesting, joyfully and powerfully. It is the story of a very old German church (with old values and old herritage) and its priest, inviting in and receiving the manifold blessings and healing ripples of dance, joy, empowerment, real connection and embodied prayer.

It generally seems to me that more and more people are now ready to receive and be opened and softened by new and healing energies and offerings, which may not have been accepted before (MM in a church).

As continuous expansion, healing and spiritual growth are happening, individually and collectively (as, in a way, all articles are speaking of), they go out and out in ripples, as we know, and they bring and enable 'the same' on the wider scale of the 'bigger picture'. And it has been very present for me in the last two and more months, just how speedy tangible new shifts and changes have become, in every day life, in every day conversations and beyond that.

I see a certain opening and softening around me, in the world I live my life in, and among the people I interact with. An opening to the possibility that it can be different, that change is possible and necessary, even that change in fact is happening. People are daring more to truly question what is, and are embracing the possibility to welcome change within themselves, encouraging positive shifts and new possibilities on a personal and collective level.

I am filled with hope, deep in my heart and cells. I am filled with this liberating not-knowing. I am living a life in a magnificent, beautiful, scary and threatening yet changing world, together with wonderful and courageous beings to walk, create and dream with.

Being connected with all of you, reading your words and heart-senses, sharing in with your paths, actions, projects and prayers – for the Light and Love to manifest more and more, here on earth, is such a blessing and encouragement for me.

With much Gratitude and Love,

Hanna Maria

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