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Issue: February Newsletter
Spirited Heart Friendship

By Rosie and Ben
This is a conversation between Rosie Perks and Ben Yeger. It is about their heart friendship, about their dance- and Movement Medicine journey together, and about a new workshop offering they have created together as a shared medicine of their experience of and learning about the healing heart journey of inner grief and conflict.

About 9 years ago I was on the Phoenix Retreat in Orval. Following the first dance, I was there preparing to eat my dinner with all the anticipation and excitement that comes with starting a new journey. Just as I was about to take my first spoonful of whatever very healthy food it was, I heard a voice, soft and open, saying – “Hi, I’m Rosie, Frazer's partner and I’m looking forward to dancing with you” (Or something to that effect). I immediately felt a connection, a knowing in my heart, a feeling that this was to be the start of a long journey together, of a long lasting friendship, on and off the dance floor. And indeed it has been that. Rosie and my journey has been deeply connected to heart work. Embodied heart work – it is where we meet, it is who we are. We both have personal stories of grief (in very different forms) and both recognize the relationship between inner and outer conflict. We have both been on our own personal journey of discovery in how to work with our heart stories, becoming more and more available so that we can offer this work to others. I believe that we have been courageous in our willingness to work with the challenges of Grief and Conflict and as a result we have something rich to offer.

Together we have travelled through Apprenticeship, Professional training and the building of our practices as MM teachers.

We have laughed, cried, been silent, held each other in moments of challenge and always been willing to stay the course. What has typified our connection has been a seeking of authenticity and heart connection.

Thanks Ben for that introduction!

In reading this I appreciate, as always, Ben's willingness to say it how he sees it. I notice also my desire to correct him and I love the fact I know I can and he would either smile and say 'oh yes I see' or disagree and both would be fine. That's one of the things I really love about our relationship – the honesty and ability to say what we see without it jeopardizing our friendship.

So I would like to say that I probably called Frazer my husband and not my partner and that I don't recall saying I was looking forward to dancing with him! But then that's also a thing I love about Ben he is always willing to jump in and risk himself and often sees things I haven't yet come to recognize. We have a friendship of true trust, and a capacity within that to be honest and direct with each other. We have held each other through some truly rugged terrain and, with our spouses, explored some of the desperate edges of long term relationship.

I say all this to acknowledge Ben and our richness of connection but also to make clear the ground we share and therefore work within, the places we are unafraid to go, not because we are reckless but because we know we can traverse them safely.

Thanks for clarifying that Rosie. It is so refreshing to have a friend who is willing to correct me when it is needed – it makes me smile. And as I remember it, a few months ago we decided that the time is ripe to manifest this dream of co creating a dancing offer for others – not an exact date but near enough?

In that I have no need to correct you, Ben! I feel deep joy, and trust is this evolution of our work – I have that feeling one has when we know in our bones we are onto something.

Phew... Spirit of The Dancing Heart is our first step on the trail of this dream and is deeply connected to our individual and joint journey. It is a direct manifestation of our commitment to honour our tender hearts in the face of adversity and sometimes pain.

We are aware that we are in times of challenge and opportunity, a time of unprecedented upheaval and change. We believe that giving space to honour and heal our relationship to grief and conflict and the myriad of other emotions held in our hearts in these times is essential.

... so we invite you to come and explore with us the vast terrain of the heart, and be held in our shared and individual edges, knowing that the seeds of new growth are always waiting for us within the depths of our hearts.

This weekend journey is an opportunity to dance, celebrate and be awake to what is true in our hearts. We offer you the container of our heartful friendship as the central source of our joint medicine. Hope to see you in Dartington, for Spirit of the Dancing Heart, 10–12th of March 2017.

Watch Rosie and Ben discuss the workshop in more depth in this video.

Find out more about Ben and Rosie here.

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