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Issue: February Newsletter
News from the Music-Medicine Shop

By Susannah
Many shift, many changes, much growth and expansion all around, as well as many news. So also in the Music-Medicine Shop, which awaits your visit to share the new gifts, magic and wonders that it holds and offers to you and the world.

We have a beautiful new album from Ayla Dive into Water available to download right now. Two of its tracks: Vuela con el Viento (fly with the wind) and Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) are becoming classics well known on our dance floors.

We’re thrilled that we have two more very beautiful albums to come soon from Rainer Scheurenbrand and Danit.

Torch Songs” is getting beautiful feedback, both from what people tell me, and from how I see dancers respond to it on our dance floors. It’s the soundtrack for our new little Movement Medicine films. And the CDs I made in our 5 Rhythms days (Wild Prayer, Still Waves and Party For God) are now available as MP3 downloads. Yeah!

Also, Torch Songs words and chords are now available on the website as a pdf you can download and print out.

The “All the Earth is Sacred” words are available as a hard-file called the "Movement Medicine Song Book" which also contains other favourite songs such as Thuma Mina and Bumbalela. It’s designed to be expandable. So, if you download the “Torch Songs” words and print them out you could add them to it…

Also the well loved copal smudge sticks are back in stock.


Susannah DK

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