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Seeds of Hope, Shared Dreams and Courageous Ventures into Healing
By Hanna
Hello to all of you! Wow, this newsletter is shining and overflowing with such alive, powerful and touching articles (I got goosebumps one or twice!). Contributions that fuel this ever-growing hope in my heart and cells, for real change and real living in a truthful, connected, compassionate and respectful way with each other, Mother Earth, and all that holds and sustains us. more>
Inner and Outer Worlds
By Susannah
I’d love to write about something other than how I feel the Trump effect playing in my inner and outer world (and I will, below!), but this feels like such a massive “wake up!” moment that I want to speak about it first. I’m feeling revolutions happening inside as we leave the map of the known world. more>
News, Book Launch and Apprenticeship News
By Ya'Acov
After a beautifully slow beginning to the year with plenty of time at home, I feel that quickening that comes with the Imbolc light (Pagan festival that celebrates the spring). The snow drops and daffodils, brave as any warriors, are pushing through the cold ground to face the last lashings of winter and give us the promise of new life. more>
Give Away in the Cathedral of Schleswig
By Christine
During my journey through the Professional Training, I jumped into surprising depths of the unknown and discovered amazing possibilities of teaching I want to share with you. Within a 4-week project called “Journey of Light“, organized by the Protestant church to celebrate 500 years of Reformation, I applied to offer an event as give away, dedicated to refugee work. more>
An Expert in Everything was once a Beginner – On my first Movement Medicine Offering
By Tamara
I am lucky to say that in my closest circle I have two magnificent friends who are both artists. Although there is a difference in their style, I can proudly say that over the years they became known world wide – as this can be a sign of success in the art world. One of them is a painter and the other a street artist. Their creativity makes my heart jump faster every time I see their new work, but that is definitely not the whole story behind it. more>
News from the Music-Medicine Shop
By Susannah
Many shift, many changes, much growth and expansion all around, as well as many news. So also in the Music-Medicine Shop, which awaits your visit to share the new gifts, magic and wonders that it holds and offers to you and the world. more>
First and Foremost I am a Musician – My experience working with Susannah and Ya’Acov
By Phil Berthoud
Preamble: Age 7 – Noddy Holder playing electric guitar and singing “Come on Feel the Noise” on Top of the Pops is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Age 8 – Legendary Flamenco guitarist Paco Pena, live at Bletchley Leisure Centre. I was told it was guitar and expected something like Noddy Holder. What we witnessed was one man (dressed in black – no top hat, covered in mirrors), one acoustic guitar in a huge gymnasium. I was utterly blown away. more>
Phil Berthoud
By Susannah
A massive thank-you to the musician Phil Berthoud for sharing his personal story in this month’s newsletter. Phil’s musical light blesses both Susannah’s last albums, as well as the Winter Dream Dance and the Summer Long Dance. We are sure you’ll be moved by his article in this newsletter. more>
One Hour for One World
By Manda Scott
We met Manda recently, having read her Boudicea series, one of the finest historical novels we have ever read. As she says below, we had met her many years before. She is an extraordinary being and we are glad to introduce you to her here and to a new project that we wish to support. With love, Ya'Acov and Susannah more>
Spirited Heart Friendship
By Rosie and Ben
This is a conversation between Rosie Perks and Ben Yeger. It is about their heart friendship, about their dance- and Movement Medicine journey together, and about a new workshop offering they have created together – as a shared medicine of their experience of and learning about the healing heart journey of inner grief and conflict. more>
Apprenticeship and More
By Roland
Hi everyone, If you are considering joining this year’s Apprenticeship group starting in October then please be aware that the applications should be in by March 13th. To find out more about the Apprenticeship programme and the pre-requisite work you will need to do before you join please go to more>
Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
The beginnings of a new year, and a new time brings some new workshops, and a wide variety of dance journeys on offer in many different countries and continents. Dare, dream, dance, feel; surprise and be surprised, move and be moved ... more>
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