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NoECSU Prescribing Newsletter
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NHS North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) prescribing newsletter - March 2014
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South Tyneside CCG

Formulary approvals

Rivaroxaban approved for use as an option in the treatment of DVT / PE. The decision to prescribe Rivaroxan or LMWH followed by Warfarin should be made following an informed discussion with the patient about the risks and benefits of each treatment.

Formulary requests NOT approved

Rifaxamin for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome as a 14 day single course Considered the evidence for effectiveness was weak compared to alternatives. Concerns regarding lack of long term safety data and contribution to antibiotic resistance. Requests to prescribe should be referred back to the specialist. Do not repeat any previous treatment as evidence for repeat treatments unavailable.


Atypical Antipsychotics are now classed as Green+ drugs. This means they should be initiated by a specialist. The specialist is responsible for all baseline monitoring. Once the patient is stable on therapy (usually 1-3 months) responsibility for prescribing may be transferred to the patients GP. Ongoing monitoring as well as prescribing will be the GPs responsibility. Such patients may now be discharged from specialist services, although the service will be available for advice and fast track referral of the patient back into the service

STIP – You can now access all available local documents related to medicines on STIP. This includes PGDs, guidelines, shared care protocols and information leaflets.

You can access at: http://stip.southtynesideccg.nhs.uk

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