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NHS North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) prescribing newsletter - March 2014
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At its meeting in November the Northern Clinical Commissioning Group Forum (NCCGF) approved a proposal to establish the Northern England NHS Treatment Advisory Group (N-TAG).

N-TAG will be answerable to CCG Chief Officers via the Northern CCG Forum. N-TAG will also link to the Northern England Clinical Senate and will report to the Clinical Senate Assembly.

The group is established to collaboratively agree on and to collectively advise the relevant member clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) on which new and existing non-NICE and non-specialised (NHS England) treatments, including non-drug treatments, should be made available for their patient populations.

The group will not consider treatments which are the responsibility of NHS England via specialised commissioning arrangements or treatments for indications which have been subject to a NICE technology appraisal or for which technology appraisal guidance is expected within six months of the next scheduled N-TAG meeting. Treatment recommendations from N-TAG will have advisory status only.  

The membership of N-TAG will consist of 14 voting members and 1 non-voting member; the secretary to include:

  • Six representatives appointed by CCG Chief Officers via the Northern CCG Forum. To include at least three registered general medical practitioners, one senior medicines optimisation lead, one CCG executive finance or operational or similar director, and one CCG executive chief officer or similar.
  • Six provider clinical representatives To include one representative each from City Hospitals Sunderland; South Tees Hospitals Trust; Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust; Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust and North Cumbria Hospitals (shared); one district general hospital trust representative; and one mental health trust representative. At least one of the provider representatives should also be a chief pharmacist or similar.
  • One Public Health representative
  • One Patient / Lay representative

The group will be chaired by Dr Ian Davidson Director of Quality and Safety NHS North Durham CCG. Professional secretarial support for the group will be provided by North East Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre.

The first meeting took place on 25th February 2014 at which the following treatments were considered:

  • Nalmefene for reduction of alcohol consumption in patients with alcohol dependence

Sequential treatment of retinal vein occlusion with intravitreal ranibizumab or dexamethasone.

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