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Men and Women Healing Together
By Hanna
I had written a completely different article for this newsletter. It was done, online, ready and all, until I changed my mind about it. Why? I was reading and editing Ben's article about this new workshop GenderWise (see below), and later I was sent a link to a video to put with the article, which I watched. To me personally and to us collectively, this is so important: men and women coming together in new, and healing ways, dancing, sharing, relating from fresh angles, and creating a space where we can experience this deep beauty in what we can each offer to and receive from the other gender. more>
School Brochure
By Roland
This year is almost complete and so are preparations for our new and beautiful Brochure for 2017. Months of planning and co-creating have now come to fruition. We are about to send it to the printers and we will have the printed copies back by 14th December. more>
What Life Asks of Us
By Ya'Acov
“When I acknowledge what is already being given, then I can give a whole lot more. When I receive what’s already being given, then I can receive a whole lot more.”
This is my latest incantation. Incantations are a major part of the way we integrate change in Movement Medicine practice. For those who don’t know what an incantation is, let me explain. An incantation is a distilled, short sentence that sums up the intention to integrate new learning into everyday life. more>
The Wisdom of Taxi Drivers
By Susannah
Dear all, something shifted in me this weekend. I’ve been feeling and reeling with the recent shifts in the political level of reality we live within. I’ve yelled and danced my rage and grief and cried my heart out for all the people who worked so hard for so many long years to create the Paris Climate Change agreement, for our planet itself, for all the people who feel bereft, shaken, scared and unsafe, both in our Brexit Britain, in the US, in the countries bordering Russia and all over. more>
Falling Softly with Movement Medicine
By Joachim
With this short article I want to express my thankfulness that Movement Medicine exists and share how it is helpful in my daily life. Yesterday, a grey November day in Hamburg I went for a bike ride in the morning. That is nothing unusual, but one must know that in Hamburg the temperatures can fall bellow 0° Celsius overnight. more>
From Boyhood to Manhood
By Ben Yeger
16 and a half years ago, a few days after our second daughter was born at home in Sheffield I found myself ushered by my parents-in-law to prepare for a job interview which was to take place a few days later. I sat staring at a blank piece of paper, dreamily longing to be with my newly expanded family. The job interview was for the post of co-ordinator for a project to work with fathers of sons who were involved in crime. more>
Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
This time you will see a few new workshops, such as Genderwise with Caroline and Ben and Fusion with Susannah and Ya'Acov. One year ending, a new one is approaching, and maybe you want to spent some of this time 'between the years' with your creative inner dancer – acknowledging what is, inviting in what can be. more>
Torch Songs for these Turning Times ....
Susannah’s new album of medicine songs. (There is a link at the end of this article to a video of Susannah talking about Torch Songs)
By Susannah
The image of the torch of life has been an important image or symbol for me for a long time. In MM, each time we turn to connect with, and to honour the ancestors, I find myself with this picture, of receiving the torch of life from all those who came before, all my ancestors in an unbroken continuity all the way back to the first cells in the primal soup. In the light if this family tree, I am related to all life, the plants, the trees, the bugs, the fish, as well as the mammals and of course all the humans, are all, literally, my relations. more>
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