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We have recently been asked by some existing partners and potential partners about our data cleansing process and whether we are GDPR compliant, so, I thought it would be useful to explain some more about Panacea’s unique service and as a result:

  • why we can help you target specific adviser groups 
  • why you can use click data from communications we send on your behalf to follow up with them
  • how this is done in a GDPR compliant way
  • how we ensure that Panacea data is accurate and up-to-date 

During a meeting in July we were asked if we could produce a summary of what type of Investment Commentary advisers were particularly interested in reading about. We have consequently created a summary document, which shows the kind of articles that are most read and the articles that are most read in accordance with the sector they fall into. I hope you find this of interest. 

Don’t forget we can also target solus mails not only by demographics and volumes of business but by types of articles that have been read.


If you run BrightTALK webinars, don’t forget you can syndicate to our own ‘Panacea Adviser’ channel.

All you need to do is put a syndication request into and ask that they Syndicate your specific webinars onto the ‘Panacea Adviser’ channel.

BrightTALK will then send an email through to me, to press a button to approve so it’s a really simple, easy process. 

We have 2,144 subscribers on the Panacea Adviser channel so this could be another good way of increasing the number of views your webcast receives.

Thank you's and renewals

This month we would like to extend a warm welcome to both Zurich and Square Mile. We look forward to working with you over the coming months.

Solus & Partner Article of the Month Award

Congratulationsto Standard Life who won our ‘most opened solus of the month’ award with their mailing Top slicing relief changes advisers need to know.

Congratulations to Rathbones who won our ‘most clicked article of the month’ award with ‘Rathbones Investment Insights Q3 2019’.

Our Bento Bulletin recipients stand at 23,316 as at end July 2019. 
Our entire community stands at 33,522 as at end July 2019.
- 3,193 Visits
- 5,399 Pages Viewed
- 2,513 Unique Visits

The most opened Bento was 8th July with 2,798 opens (13.38% OR).  The most clicked Bento was 3rd July with 185 clicks (7% CTR)

Take a look at the top ten most viewed articles overall and the top ten most viewed partner articles for July 2019. 
Download a PDF version of the monthly report if you wish to print it out and keep for future reference.
Whats coming soon

Search engine optimisation 

We are currently working on ways to improve search engine visibility and increase visits to the site.

Partner Event

We are in the early stages of planning the next partner event and as soon as we have more details we will let you know.


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