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In-touch Commissioning news for practices

Welcome to our latest bulletin to keep you up to date with the activities of NHS South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the body responsible for planning and buying local healthcare and health services.

In our last bulletin of 2014, you will find some important information on the outcome of the urgent care services consultation and details on the launch of our winter health campaign.  We will also let you know about the Better Care Fund.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dr Matthew Walmsley

Outcome of the consultation 'right treatment, right time, right place - proposals to transform urgent care services in South Tyneside'

At our governing body held on 20 November 2014 we agreed that it is in the best interests of South Tyneside communities to open a new urgent care hub on the site of South Tyneside District Hospital – and relocate the Jarrow walk-in centre into the hub.

We have also agreed further steps to tackle concerns raised by the public consultation, and ensure that local people get the right urgent care when they need it, including:

  • A new pharmacy minor ailments service ‘Think Pharmacy First’ to be launched and publicised widely
  • Improved access to GP appointments in key locations
  • Work with South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust and South Tyneside Council to improve travel and transport access to a new hub
Winter campaign launches with clear message from the region's NHS - 'Keep calm and look after yourself'

The NHS in the region is joining forces once again this year and urging North Easterners to ‘Keep calm and look after yourself’ to combat the usual winter coughs, colds, aches and illnesses that are common in usually healthy people at this time of the year.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the North East launched their annual winter campaign on Monday 17 November and are reminding people that many of the common winter ailments and illnesses people come down with at this time of year are easily treated at home or with advice from a pharmacist – with no need to see a doctor or nurse and keeping valuable appointments open for those who really need them.

Backed by partner NHS organisations in the region, the campaign will run throughout the Christmas holiday period, traditionally the busiest time of the year for the NHS and targets people who are usually in good health and perhaps wake up one morning feeling under the weather and don’t know what to do.

For more information, visit keepcalmthiswinter.org.uk or follow @keepcalmne

Better Care Fund

On 19 September we published our Better Care Fund (BCF) plan, which describes how health and social care services will work together.

The plan has been ‘approved with support’ and was described by assessors an ‘exemplar plan’; this is a testament to the strength of our local partnership working.

We are now working with NHS England to address a couple of areas for improvement to progress our plan to being fully approved, we will find out if this has been achieved by mid-December.

We described four key workstreams in our BCF plan, which aim to improve health and social care services delivered to the population of South Tyneside, all of which are now making considerable progress.

A copy of the Better Care Fund plan can be found here.

Mini local engagement board

We held our first ever mini Local Engagement Board with year six pupils from Hebburn Lakes School in late November.

Representatives from the CCG, led by Dr Sharmila Parks discussed the role the CCG plays in developing the borough’s health services.

Pupils discussed what makes them feel happy and sad. They then thought about who they would like to help them if they had sad feelings, and where and how they would like to be helped.  They represented these thoughts on paper hats, scarves and gloves, which were then pegged on washing lines for everyone at the event to look at.

Operations and Engagement Manager, Helen Ruffell, said: “Hebburn Lakes is just a few minutes’ walk away from where we are based in Monkton. This is the second year we have worked with the school, we were delighted to be invited back. The pupils really got involved and made some great suggestions”

Hebburn Lakes head-teacher, Tony Watson, said: “It’s great to have an organisation like the CCG, with a range of professionals, come in to the school and let the children get involved. We really appreciate it and the children seem to get a lot out of it.”

A short video of the engagement board is available on Youtube.

Tell us your patient stories

A new campaign to encourage residents’ to share their stories about their local health services in underway.  Posters and leaflets will be available from GP practices and pharmacies to encourage local people to feed their experiences in to the the CCG to help us assess what is working with local health services, and what needs to be improved.

Operations and Engagement Manager, Helen Ruffell, said: “The most complete story of a person’s treatment comes from the patient and their relatives or carers.

“We need to hear first-hand experiences of patients’ treatment in South Tyneside to help us learn from the good work that is happening and help us identify where the services are not working so well.”

“By sharing their stories of involvement with local health services people can help us develop patient-centred care to for residents across South Tyneside.”

If you have a story you would like to share please contact Helen on 0191 283 1903 or email helen.ruffell@nhs.net

  Monkton Hall, Monkton Lane, Jarrow NE32 5NN
Telephone: 0191 283 1903 email: stynccg.enquiries@nhs.net Visit: www.southtynesideccg.nhs.uk

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